Interesting facts about Edo state to aid your next trip

Afrotripsafro-dairiesInteresting facts about Edo state to aid your next trip



Interesting facts about Edo state to aid your next trip

Are you planning on taking a trip to Edo state? Sylvia Ighorojeh  compiled this piece to aid your trip. So, chill and enjoy.

Edo state (the heartbeat of the nation) is an inland southern part of Nigeria and has its capital as Benin city. Edo state is closest to the north by Kogi state, nearest to the south by Delta state and to the west by Ondo state. Edo state is precisely four hours drive from lagos . This state is richly and culturally blessed beyond the imaginations of man. It is naturally endowed with several side attractions that would captivate, inspire and motivate you. Edo state is popularly and famous for its royalty and art works.
Local governments: The Benin kingdom is divided into 3 ethnic groups which are Afemai, Binis and Esan. There are 18 local governments which are listed below in alphabetical order: Akoko Edo, Egor, Esan Central, Esan North-East, Esan South- West,Etsako East, Etsako West, Igbueben, Igbooba okha, Oredo, Orhionmwon, Ovia north-east, Ovia south-west, Owan east, Owan west and Uhunmwonde.

There several occupations practiced in Edo state due to their various talents but the popularly practiced occupation is agriculture as they’re fully endowed with cultivated food.

The great people of Edo state are known for their special taste for foods because they’re always classical and some examples of these foods are


owo soup garnished with bush meat,


smoked fish and shrimps with yam,


black soup which is made out of bitter leaf and efinrin,


pounded yam and a well prepared egusi soup.

I’m sure you’ll want more and more after the first bite.

Dressing mode.

When you talk about Edo state then you talk about coral beads. The people of Edo state are popularly known for their taste of beads and having a touch of it in their dressing. Coral beads are of two types which are Ekan and Ivie. The dress for the Oba of Benin is called *REGALIA*.

Here the two major religions practised are Christianity and Islam. Nevertheless, some individuals who still believe in the forefathers and ancestors of Edo state still practice African Traditional Religion.

Mode of transportation and communication:

Transportation is either by road and at times by air  while communication could be done by email, fax, telephone, post offices, radios and televisions e.t.c. First of all, before you embark on any trip or journey to this beautiful state it is essential you keep your camera intact because there is definitely something to sweep you of your feet.

edo trans


Side attractions are:

1.The Benin wall and moat: The benin wall and moat is the largest man made work on earth which is astonishing beyond words. The benin city wall were built around the city as a special kind of defense to protect the city from enemies and invaders. Most of the walls were destroyed in 1897 when the british invaded Benin. The moat was constructed as a defense barrier in times of war. Oba Oguola successfully dug the first and second moats to fortify and protect the city from invaders. The benin city moat is popularly called “iya”

2. The palace, Benin city: Benin city is well known for its royalty and no visit will be completed without catching a glimpse from the royal palace. The palace 
is located at the heart of the city. The palace was rebuilt in 1897 after it was razed to ground by the British. The initial size of the palace used to be ten size its recent size back as far as 900 AD. Most specimen of artworks and historical events can be seen here.
3. Benin national museum: The benin national museum is a centre and home for various types of artworks and especially bronze work which were originally from the ancient benin kingdom and some of these works are the teracotta ,ivory carving, cast iron artifacts e.t.c. The museum was constructed in 1973


4. Chief Ogiamen’s house: The chief Ogiamen’s house is located at 97, Sakponba road in Benin city. Chief Ogiamen’s house is said to be the only house and building that survived the 1897 british invasion where lots of valuable items were lost.

5. Benin brass work: Benin city which is popularly known as the centre and home for bronze and brass artwork. Benin brass work is known as one of the remarkable artwork of the world. Having a collection of one of these will certainly change the look of your home. What do you think?

benin museum 2

6. The market
The market of Benin city is one of the best place to get notable and special items both from the present and the past.
The market just knows how to add a touch of tradition and culture to each and every item.


 Hotels:There are various hotels in Edo state that will ensure you’ve an excellent stay. You can visit or for more details and bookings.

Article by : sylvia ighorojeh

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