Visiting Kano? 5 Local Kano Delicacies You Ought To Taste

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Visiting Kano? 5 Local Kano Delicacies You Ought To Taste

5 Local Kano Delicacies you ought to taste

We all know that the joy of travelling isn’t in the travel itself, but in the opportunity to experience different cultures. For the best experience, one must be able to go beyond the commonplace tourist attractions to mix up with locals and see life from their perspective.

One such way is by eating what they eat. Rather than sticking to Porsche restaurants that serves food from your region, why not visit the local restaurants and have a taste of what the locals are having, that’s assuming you can stomach it.

If you happen to find yourself in Kano State or anywhere in the North Eastern region of Nigeria, these 5 local Kano delicacies will sure give you something to talk about when you get back home.

1. Danwake

Made from Wheat, beans and sometimes cassava flour, this hausa delicacy is served with tomato, spiced chilli powder, onions and sometimes boiled eggs. Ditch your spoon or fork and eat it with a toothpick to get a true local experience.

You can find it in restaurants serving local dishes, owned by a Hausa person or cooked on the road side.

Kano delicacies

2. Wainar Masa

This very popular dish is always a favourite even among the locals. It is made from rice flour and served with groundnut soup, vegetable soup, cow head pepper soup or spiced meat.

But eating it with cow head pepper soup gives the best experience.

You can get it in restaurants serving local hausa dishes especially at zoo road area of Kano state.

Kano delicacies

3. Fura da nono (Natural youghurt and millet balls)

Fura is nothing but rolled balls of cooked millet flour while Nono is natural youghurt usually made by the Fulani tribe and carried in calabashes.

The millet balls is normally mixed with the youghurt and sugar to form a paste.

There are restaurants all around kano that serve only fura da nono and named after the meal.

Aside that you can find the packaged one in the drinks section of super markets and stores.

While the package one will give you an idea of what the meal taste like, the experience and taste is nothing compared to the locally prepared one.

Kano delicacies

4. Tuwon shinkafa miyan taushe (Rice balls and pumpkin soup)

Tuwon Shinkafa is made from a very starchy type of rice. The starch makes it easy for the rice to be rolled into balls once it is cooked. It is usually eaten with Miyan taushe which is made from the meat of pumpkins and spinach.

Like the rest, Tuwon shinkafa can be found in restaurants serving local Hausa dishes like Shab’an Restaurant at zoo road. See directions

Kano delicacies

5. Kwadon Zogale (steamed moringa salad)

Zogale is the Hausa word for moringa Oleifera. The local salad made from this leaves has been in existence in Hausa land ages before the benefits of the leave was discovered.

If you’ve ever wondered how best to eat plenty of moringa without experiencing it’s biting taste, then you want to taste this salad. Perhaps you’ll even take the recipe back to where you come from.

The salad is made with tomatoes, garden eggs, onions and a powder obtained from grinding fried groundnut paste into powder. The fried groundnut paste is called Kuli Kuli

Kano delicacies


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