Badagry-Fascinating things you need to know

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Badagry-Fascinating things you need to know

When you think of Badagry, perhaps the first word that springs to mind is “History”.  It’s true because Badagry is rich in culture, history, shopping and style. It’s best experienced through the eyes of a local.

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The original occupants of Badagry before civilization are the Aworis and Ogus.

OGU: They are formerly called Eguns. These set of people are immigrant from Togo and republic of Benin (Dahomey). They settled at the coastal region of Lagos state close to the Benin border. They are headed by a traditional ruler known as Oba Akran who is a very influential person in Lagos state.

Occupation: The major occupation of the  Eguns is farming and fishing.

Language: The Eguns speaks different languages but sounds familiar to a novice. Only the indigenes  can differentiate their languages. They speak Yoruba as a general language.

THE AWORIS: Aworis are another set of people that dominate the Badagry division. They are believed to be the original land owners (omo onile) of Lagos state. People from Ojo, Iba, Otto- Awori, Amuwo Odofin, Isheri and Ikotun are the aworis of badagry division.

Occupation: Just like the Ogus, the occupation of the Aworis is fishing and farming.

Language: Yoruba

The aworis have different clans and kingdoms which are headed by Baale and Kings respectively. The local government chairpersons assist in the running of activities at the governmental levels.


PARTYING: The aworis are very good at partying. They don’t joke with occasions ranging from weddings, graduations, naming ceremonies etc. They love showing off and trust me, your weekend can’t be boring around these set of people.

wedding yorubaYoruba wedding ceremony

Residents: Apart from the Ogus and Aworis, there are different tribes in this area and they include:

The Hausa/Fulanis: They reside at the Alabarago (meat market) and Okokomaiko area of the division.

The Igbos: They are everywhere but they dominate Trade fair (Under Bridge) and Alaba international market.

Other tribes also reside in this area and they live happily and peacefully.

Security: Lagos state is peaceful, Badagry is also a peaceful place. However, stranger should avoid walking alone at night.


Road: You can move from one place to the other with either long buses (coaster), small bus (danfo), tricycle (popularly called Maruwa/ keke Napep) and motorcycle (popularly known as okada). You can ride your bicycle and walk.


Water: You can also move from one place to another through boat. These can be boarded at sea side (popularly known as Ebute).


Currency: Please don’t go to Badagry with foreign currency as the traders won’t accept it. Naira is the only acceptable means of exchange.

FESTIVALS: The people of Badagry celebrate various festivals at different locations and at different times. They include:

Sangbeto Festival

zangbeto The Zato dancers

Egungun Festival


Eyo Festival: This is a state wide celebration of  the Aworis. The eyo festival is always celebrated once yearly.



Oro: Information is usually passed before the oro festival. It’s celebrated for special reasons; either to appease the gods or to bury a traditional ruler. Everyone is advised to stay indoor during the oro festival.

Cool spot and side attractions in badagry

The whispering palms

Badagry museum

The point of  no return


This is the route to the Point of no Return; an Island from where the captured men, women & children sailed away from Africa during the s. The Island today stands as a very enchanting, peaceful, and fruitful Island. The inhabitants are few and can be seen going about their lives either farming, or lazying in the sun. You will see cows graving and children playing games.You can have fun trekking to the beach front.

1st storey building in Nigeria

Newplanet hotel at Okokomaiko

sultan beach

sultan beachIMAG0179

Have a cool bath in the ocean. Enjoy the ambience at Badagry palm beach/Sultan beach. Take lovely pictures for mem.

Stargen hotel


Stargen hotels is located at Okokomaiko area of Badagry. You can enjoy your evening at their bars, and a cool swim in the pool.

Mega chicken restaurant at festac

maggi   mega chicken chinese food

Give yourself a treat at the Mega chicken restaurant at Festac. They have both local and international cuisines.

2baba’s Rumour club


shop rite festac

Badagry provides varieties of interesting  stores.

Have you been to badagry? What are you waiting for?

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