The African culture is rich, it is magic and it is real. Our culture goes beyond the surface, it is of course our colour, our people, our hair, our countries, our meals, and our fashion. Yet, it goes deeper than that, it’s like a rabbit hole that never seem to end. Instead you keep digging to discover incredible talents and beauty and anger and thirst for greatness. All these and more make us human, make us who we are. We are unapologetically ourselves.

While many might not feel the need to appreciate how far we’ve come and our strength, a lot of us will agree with me that it is essential to embrace what we have.

African culture is rich and vast, spanning over hundreds of indigenous languages in my country – Nigeria – alone. Even though it seems like the younger generation is forgetting who we are, the fast paced world of social media is bringing it all back in frequent doses.

african cultureIt is possible to share a lot of information about our heritage with a lot of people, in and out of the continent. We now see a lot of us embracing our culture; infusing it into every little we do. A lady walking down the street with an African print scarf tied around her head, or an instagram post showing a beautiful location in a part of Africa. These and more are a cause of good movement that are needed to be embraced because the movement is ours to pass down to the future generations.

Since we are focusing on the African culture, we should be reminded about how beautiful Africa is.
As a Nigerian who is deeply obsessed about every little thing in my country; the dances, the festivals, the fashion, the languages, hairstyles, people, stories, locations and the delicacies, I think it’s safe to say I believe that our best is yet to come especially from my generation.
I hereby raise a glass to the people who agree with me and are constantly showcasing Nigeria and African in general in a good way. Let’s celebrate the colourful life that is being an African.

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