Five Places to Visit in South-west Nigeria

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Five Places to Visit in South-west Nigeria

South-west Nigeria

South Western part of Nigeria is filled with indigenous towns rich in cultural histories and these towns contain popular places that have been considered tourist attraction to Nigerians and the rest of the world. Afrotrips did a bit of research on these locations and here they are;


LOCATION: Abeokuta, Ogun state.
DESCRIPTION: Renovated for tourist attraction originally filled with only rocks which served as a home for the Egba people centuries ago whenever there was a war. Several years later the Olumo rock is now equipped with modern facilities to attract visitors such as fountains, museums, restaurants, elevators, games to keep the rock climbing fun and interesting for the tourists.


idanre hills

LOCATION: Idanre Town, Ondo state.
DESCRIPTION: Magnificent, beautiful and historical. The hills house shrines, burial grounds, bats. They also consist of nature’s own plants and primates. Like most hills, this hills served as protection for the natives and the town was built on the hills. Some of the hills were named after historical figures in Idanre hills. Renovations are said to be on the plans to transform these hills and make them tourist-friendly.


osun groove

DESCRIPTION: It is a tourist – friendly arena with a large cultural landscape of dense undisturbed forest just outside the busy town of Osogbo. The Yoruba name is “Ojubo Osun” and it’s situated at the area called “Isale – Osun”. The Osun-Oshogbo Festival is usually celebrated at this historical arena every July-August to worship the river goddess 0sun who is believed to give the gift of fruitfulness to anyone who seeks her. It is also the home to the first building ever at Oshogbo. It was the first building to have housed the royal members and basically the first residents of Oshogbo. Other fascinating structures are the shrines, the bridge that dates a hundred years or more, the river Osun, the artistic structures built by Suzanne Wenger and many more.


DESCRIPTION: The Mapo hall is located on the hill called ‘Oke Mapo’. This hills bags historical significance because it provides such a rear clear view of the city of Ibadan which served it purpose as a defense standpoint against attackers during wars. The hill was built on this hill in the 19th century under the colonial reign of the British and has since been renovated in the year 2008 by the previous governor of Oyo state. The hall and the hill both serve as tourist attractions as they are rich in details of history. Photographs pf the hall can be taken and the hall is leased out for social events as well.



DESCRIPTION: Popular for its warm and cold water spring confluence. It was initially presumed to be supernaturally cursed because of the above feature by the natives of this part of Ekiti state until a Baptist missionary Rev. John Mcgee discovered this and explained its usefulness and spread the word to the Nigerian Baptist convention friends. The spring has since then been transformed into a site for Nigeria tourism.It has been modified to accommodate tourists with features like swimming pool, bar, restaurant, accommodation and lots more.


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