South Africa is one of those colorful countries with colorful people, diverse cultures and of course several languages. English language is widely spoken across the country and can be considered as the nation’s official language,

however there are eleven languages that are really fascinating and shed more light on the diversity of the South Africans as a nation.The interesting part about languages is their differences and abilities to blend with one another.
Each language in South Africa is a reflection of the tribe that speak it and each language has it own characteristic where it is the clicking consonant sounds in Zulu or its compulsory rule to be spoken by every member of a royal family, language is unique.

Zulu is one of the native languages originated from Bantu and it is researched to be spoken by over 20 percent of the entire population of South Africa, it is characterized by clicking consonants and it is considered very popular among south Africans. It is believed that few Zulu words have been adapted with English language.

Another language is the Venda which is also a Bantu language. This language is linked to royal families of a tribe called Tshivenda and spoken by people in the northern parts of the country.

The cultural aspect of this language and the people of Venda is that the females in their tribes are treated with so much respect as the males, the females are part of the royal family too.

Tsonga is one of the eleven languages of South Africa and it is concentrated in the southern part of the country. Tsonga is a traditional language and it is undiluted with any English Language but latin words.

There are languages in different cultures that are being set apart because few people speak them, the Ndebele language is an example. However, the language is considered beautiful and somewhat lyrical, it is still preserved by the media as the occurrence of the language will be a gentle reminder of the language and its culture.

There is a believe that language is universal and can be spoken by different tribes, like the Afrikaans which is spoken by a large proportion of the population of South Africa. It is also used as a first language as well and schools use this language in teaching the students.

Other languages include Swati, Sesotho, Sepedi, Setswana and many more,

Language is important

,it is one of those tools that preserves a tribe and its culture. Even with the English Language being the official language of the people, the South Africans speak these languages, they mix them with their day-to-day vocabulary and they pass them down to the younger generations.

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