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Eyo adamu orisa

A lot of Eyo groups performed at the recent Eyo festival in Lagos and out of these many distinctly colorful groups, the most fascinating was the ADAMU ORISA.

eyo adamu orisa
This group is one of the major five EYO groups in Lagos and it is believed only men that have reached a certain age can be part of this clan during their performance.

While the team gathered around along with hundreds of onlookers to witness the arrival of the final EYO group to perform their stage play, we were suddenly rushed to have our seats and remained unhinged from the digital world. No photos were allowed to be taken.

Just like the previous groups that had performed, their entrance was well choreographed and their distinctive straw hats colour was white and black stripes.

During their performance, they danced their way through the square, after they paid homage to those whom were due.
What was interesting was that the EYO ADAMU ORISA were accompanied by several old men; all shirtless with white robes tied around their waist.

They danced in circle and raised their OPA to form a fortress, they seemed to be guarding something or someone.
As they danced their way through, the public were seen waving their fingers across their heads, a common way of refusing a statement of bad luck in Nigeria, and when we asked why, majority around told us that this particular Eyo is believed to rain curses on the public. However if this was true, we couldn’t know for sure.

The EYO ADIMU masquerades are strict and unforgiving to anyone who breaks the rules * as we witness an older man who was severly beaten on the parade ground with the OPA by three masquerades at the same time.


Because he had on slippers and a face cap.
The most important lesson learned by the team was how important the tradition mattered to this clan and beyond the strictness, they were entertaining as ever!

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