Music is one tool we genuinely believe has a hidden language that connects souls. It is the words, the tempo, the thrill of the sound and the beats, it is the message. While there are a lot of genres and how strange it is that we all have different taste in music, there is something about Afro beat that just sticks in.

For a little bit of history, Afro beat was widely developed by the Afro man himself – Fela Anikulapo Kuti who popularized this genre turning it into a widely accepted genre all over other countries in Africa and eventually the world. It is a mix of the Fuji, Ghanaian high life and heavy African drum beats.


We believe it’s the fast paced tempo and it’s power to stir up a rhythmic dance in everyone of us whether you’re African or not.

Even DJs all over the world understand what it is like to play a track with Afro beats layered in it, it keeps the crowd roaring, people tend to move to the delicious beat. Did I just say delicious?  Well, I guess I did! Afro beat leaves a delicious taste in my mouth and sometimes it’s not even about food.

The lyrics itself and the mix of African unique languages are genuine. The message in these songs can sometimes be unnecessary but some are need to be said.

One artist is singing about a beautiful woman with a nice body and another is talking about how bad he misses home in a new strange city. Some sing about their stories about being a struggling artist when no one appreciated them and then all of a sudden their new fame brings the liquor and the girls – the world to their feet. Some sing about their hometown and the places they grew up in, how it shaped them to be who they are.

All these songs tell a story, they paint a picture for the listeners to grasp and relate to while being layered with the irresistible sound of Afro beat.


Wizkid, the stage name for a Nigerian artist Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun whose musical has matured greatly over the past few years since he had begun to embrace more of the African beats and colourful aesthetics which has been admired generally and considered original. He once said in an interview, Afro beat is appreciated everywhere and many international artists are infusing it in their music.

Afro beat is raw, it is fresh. It can be melodious and it can be mournful. It is like a message who get the word out to people who need them. The whole world acknowledges the rhythm and the fast paced tempo and how easy it is to learn the dance steps that accompanies each song.

To that we say music is a strong tool that leaves a mark on us, especially when the artist hits us with words we so can relate to. Afro beat is broadly accepted and it is here to say, even non-Africans can agree with me. No one can resist that Afro spirit, it is loveable and it is soul -grasping.



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