social impact

Afrotrips Africa is a for-profit social enterprise with a structure that aims to support the communities we visit for tours. Our activities include organising trips, holidays, cultural events and so on.

Right now, there’s a wide gap between the number of tours organised and the level of maintenance of the tourist destination which is putting a lot of strain on them. Part of our ethos is to see that this trend is reversed.

As a social enterprise, we are also committed to improving the living standard of the people living in the communities that host our tours, having in mind that the tourist destinations serve as a source of livelihood for so many of them.

Our values are centred on improving the economic condition of our host communities and promoting sustainable tourism, which according to the consensus reached by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in 2014 includes ecotourism, poverty eradication, environment protection, community development and the protection of biodiversity.

We’ll reinvest part of our earnings from:

  1. Tour activities
  2. Travels
  3. Trips to cultural events
  4. All other activities that involve visiting a community that host a tourist destination, cultural inheritance centre, historical places and so on.

Our core objective is to develop the people and communities that host our tours, and we’ll achieve this by executing projects that will be beneficial to them.

  1. Reinvest earnings from tours into the host communities
  2. Execute developmental projects that will better the lives of the locals in the communities we tour
  3. Invest and support small business around the tourist locations in these communities