A Guide to Kwari Market, Kano state

Kwari market is arguably the largest textile market in the whole of Africa. It is located at Fagge area of Kano state, very close to IBB and Kofar Wambai Markets that are known for second-hand clothes. It is also called Kantin kwari. A first time visitor might likely confuse IBB with Kwari market as the

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Visiting Kano? 5 Local Kano Delicacies You Ought To Taste

5 Local Kano Delicacies you ought to taste We all know that the joy of travelling isn’t in the travel itself, but in the opportunity to experience different cultures. For the best experience, one must be able to go beyond the commonplace tourist attractions to mix up with locals and see life from their perspective.

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What to know before taking a trip to kano state

Brief History The ancient city of Kano one of the biggest and second most populated city in Nigeria. Located in the north east region of the country, it shares a boarder with Jigawa state from the north and east, Bauchi, plateau and Kaduna to the south and Katsina state to the west. Kano is home

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